Ursula K. LeGuin's "The Lathe of Heaven" was the first sophisticated piece of literature I read. The first book I read where reality wasn't as it seemed, where the themes were larger than the literal plot, where ambiguity trumped simple answers. I remember spending long periods of time fascinated by the idea that I hadn't just spent a long period of time being fascinated by the idea that reality all changed moments ago and my memories were illusions.

I read it right around the time that PBS's film version came out. It's a bit dated and has a Super Sounds of the 70s feel, but it's still very good.


Anyway, I recently did a rewatch and I think this would be an ideal project for Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul to do together. There are so many shades of Jesse and Walter in George and Dr. Haber.

Check out the scene at about 55 minutes between Haber and George.

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